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Hey there and you’ll be pleased to hear that I survived our high speed boat trip down the Thames yesterday, complete with Bond music and a blast of Happy Birthday courtesy of Stevie Wonder…

All that was my daughter’s birthday treat and I’ve put a pic up so you can see us blasting along in the glorious sunshine (that’s me on the end of the middle row at the top of the photo!)

But first, let’s get down to the business of this week’s freebie recommendations and I’ve decided to turn the focus on social media for the next few issues of Weekend Takeaways as that benefits everyone.

We’re going to start off this week with what’s new and relevant to Facebook marketing. Facebook is, perhaps more than ever, an excellent arena to build engagement, brand recognition and momentum for a profitable launch.

It is a vital part of any marketing campaign although, as ever, I would caution you to make sure you always retain control of your online real estate by having your own website (or one for clients) to which you can send your Facebook traffic.

It’s essential that you keep up to date with the fast moving world that is Facebook and first up is this insightful piece from Social Media Examiner on improving your Facebook engagement, and therefore results, using controlled experiments:

Next, I’ve found an excellent trio of free guides that you can download, starting with How To Master Facebook Marketing In 10 Days which is perfect for beginners or those who need a refresher course:

Then there is this a nice collection of expert tips on using Facebook for marketing – something here for everyone:

And finally another great freebie from one of my faves, Make Use Of – to download this, look at ‘Download’ at the top right of the page and then click on the links to download as a free PDF/ePub:

As for our Kindle freebie, this week it’s a concise, expertly written blueprint entitled 21 Days to Building an Engaging, Profitable Fan Page.

I really enjoyed this, so much so that I clicked through to the author’s site at the end and found some great stuff there as well:

If you haven’t yet got to grips with the Facebook Insights Reports that were introduced earlier this year then this free video tutorial is just what you need.

Insights Reports provide valuable information on your Facebook activity so it is worth your while understanding just how much you can benefit from them:

Our TED talk this week is both inspiring and  moving:



I’m a firm believer in gratitude bringing all kinds of
good things, including happiness, and I had a chance to
remember that this week.

I’m grateful for having a lovely, healthy daughter, for
work that I love and – without wishing to sound cheesy –
you guys, whom I consider my community as well as being a
great bunch of subscribers.

It was my daughter’s birthday on Thanksgiving and although
I’m a Brit I think it’s a wonderful idea to have a day
once a year when we give thanks for something.

So…thank you!

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