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This week I unleashed Info Cash Machine upon the world and the response has been amazing…

I guess because many of you agree with me (and every single successful marketer/author out there) that creating your own info products is one of the best ways to create a sustainable, profitable business.

I’ve therefore decided to devote this week’s newsletter to sharing some great no cost product creation resources with you.

Read on and enjoy…

First up is a very useful resizing tool for images so they are web ready. I know not all of you have Photoshop to hand or access to photo apps so this is simple but effective – it also sharpens images, adjusts contrast, adds borders and converts to black and white from colour:

A similar but even more comprehensive tool is Irfanview which has had over 1 million downloads a month since 2003 – you can see why when you look at the list of features that includes the ability to create slideshows, screen capture, add effects etc etc

Get it entirely free here:

If you need a logo that will cost you absolutely nada, then one of my top tips is Logo Garden – nice, clean designs and very easy to use:

Zillion Designs is another option although make sure you scroll down the page past the big banner that tells you to create a custom logo to the logo maker:

If you need an ecover or other graphics such as a Kindle cover or FB cover then this is another no cost option – it can do a ton of other stuff too from editing vectors to creating glossy buttons but be aware that some of their resources (such as stock photos) require payment so check first:

One burning question on everyone’s lips is how to get people to buy your product – here’s someone I rate, Dave Navarro, with three tips on that:

Your dose of TED inspiration this week comes from Amy Tan on where creativity hides…

It may just be the tiny kick you need to get creating yourself, whether it’s an info product, a new service, a Kindle book…

And talking of books, don’t forget our first Free Book Friday is this week, November 7th. Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

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