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As everyone is finally in holiday mode this week, and maybe thinking of the far away beaches they’ll be hitting soon, I wanted to expand your horizons with some great new free resources.

First up is this superb selection of ebooks from John Jantsch, owner of one of my favourite sites, Duct Tape Marketing.

There is something here for all of you and truly great information in each and every one of these freebies. Yes, you do have to sign up to receive them but well worth it. Check out the selection here:

While you’re there, you may also like to sample some of podcasts on offer, all of which are also packed with brilliant insights as well as being entertaining:

Random mind-expanding site of the week is the odd but brilliant Post Secret, a site where people post in their thoughts on one side of a postcard (yes, a real old-fashioned physical one!) and the best are then uploaded…I promise you, it’s fascinating:

As for my Kindle freebie suggestion this week – it has to be this from James Altucher…it’s an excerpt from his new book and it’s always a treat to drink in some of James’ wit and been-there wisdom, not to mention his writing style:

I’ve suggested several educational sites to you before that offer free courses but here’s an app that curates video content for you from several of those including Yale, TED Talks and the Khan Academy.

Mobento also offers a good search facility and, as most of the videos it serves up are an easily digestible length, I find it really fulfils its curation remit in saving me a lot of time both in searching for and watching top class educational content.

Mobento is an Android app (so apologies iPhone users) and you can find it in the Play store:

Another good educational app is Grace, the difference between this and Mobento being that you select your own content on Grace which allows you to then organize it all beautifully and even take notes:

And if you are an iPhone/iPad user then here are some great alternatives to the above, including apps for TED talks and the Khan Academy:

Naturally, this newsletter wouldn’t be complete without a TED talk chosen just for you and this week it just has to be the one featuring the then 12 year old app develop, Thomas Suarez.  If he can do it…


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