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EU Residents – Special Message

If you are viewing this page it is because you are resident in, or accessing our sites from, the EU. Unfortunately, due to the ludicrous VAT laws that have been applied to digital goods within the EU member states we can only sell you a physical version of our products, i.e. a CD or DVD.

We are more than happy to do so and to send you this along with a link to a digital back-up of your product. We make a small charge for shipping and handling that works out cheaper than the VAT you would have been charged and will ensure that you are charged the current price at the time you submit the request form below, even if this is a dimesale.

Apologies for any inconvenience but this is the only way we can ensure we serve all our customers properly and within the law while the EU sorts out regulations that have badly affected and even closed many small businesses just like your own. If you would like to order any product from us in this way please complete the short request form below and we will expedite this for you as soon as possible.


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