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Yesterday I wrote to you about the importance of engagement in getting boatloads of subscribers and leads. 

This is VITAL whether you are an offliner or onliner, beginner or more experienced marketer… 


Because the landscape is changing.  People are wise to the ways of the internet and, especially, the marketer.  But you know the funny thing? What’s working right now is exactly what’s been working offline for years… 

Things like contests, as I mentioned yesterday.  People love contests.  I love contests.  They’re fun, they include elements of chance and suspense…all the stuff that grabs me and everyone else out there. 

One huge part of a contest’s appeal is the interaction involved.  Think about it…would you rather passively sign up for yet another report or actually engage in a way that is entertaining? 

I know what I would rather do – and what the vast majority of people would prefer – and that’s why I absolutely love something I stumbled across today. 

It’s so smart and yet so simple…an unique tool that lets you create a digital version of something that everyone loves in its physical version.

We have them stacked in my local corner shop and selling out in my local supermarket – and that’s because they work. 

Check it out and you’ll see what I mean: 

And if you didn’t get a chance to take a look at the contest tool I suggested yesterday then do so now as he really is yanking that 95% discount any second: 

More on engagement in my upcoming lesson for you on the blog – I’ll shoot you an email as soon as that’s up.