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social media marketing

The buzzword around social media marketing right now is engagement – you need to entice, entertain and interact with others in order to build the trust and empathy that is necessary to truly succeed online.


Because people are rightly sick of the scammy, false, shiny and fake that has come to signify someone who is, well, simply ‘selling.’ No-one wants to be ‘sold’ – they want to feel that they are engaging (that word again!) with another human being, someone who just happens to be able to lead them towards a solution for their particular problem or to feed their particular passion.

More and more those who rise above the crowd through social media understand the necessity of building a genuine (or at least genuine-seeming) personal brand that conveys great dollops of their lives, interests and personality.  It may seem contradictory in this age of online interaction but what people really crave is that sense of community which was hardwired into us from the dawn of time.

We humans are tribal.  We like to hang out with people like us or with those people we would like to be.  Gather your tribe around you, give them what they want and you, too, can be a social media marketing superstar.  The best place to start?  With two questions:

Who am I?

What do I have to offer?