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KISS Local




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Social Location Slam Dunk

Everything you need to have offline clients lining up to use your services as THE go-to expert on Foursquare, one of the most profitable (and easy) services I have ever offered!

The Q Factor

How to leverage the power of quizzes for insane optins, leads and subscribers – great for both onliners and offliners!


Cash For Questions

How to make money and brand yourself or your clients through simply asking and answering questions!


The Edge

The most brilliant way yet to get hordes of offline clients lining up for your services – without selling them anything!


KISS Local

WSO of The Day – the perfect way to get tons of offline clients (comes with personal use PLR).


Cash In A Flash With PLR

Huge (over 12,000 words) ebook, videos, Powerpoints and more on one of the hottest, most evergreen topics of all – a highly successful product which now comes with PLR.


Let’s Get Physical

How to make 10 or even 100 x more money by leveraging the power of physical products!


Instant Client Kudos

My secret weapon and a perfect complement to Let’s Get Physical!


Kindle Cash Cow

My way to get paid while also building a valuable list.


Local Honey Pot

An ingenious way to passive offline income.




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