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A very happy Easter or Passover if you celebrate and a very happy Sunday if you don’t!

This morning I met a newborn lamb, several donkeys and two of the cutest Kune Kune pigs you will ever see at one of our city farms so I feel suitably spring-like and raring to share the latest great stuff with you.

As this is a day of celebration and giving, I have been on another hunt all over the web to bring you as many freebies as possible to brighten your day and your business…

And let’s start with some excellent new sources of images you can use on your sites, social media, in products and so on with no restrictions and without having to pay a bean.

I love Burst by Shopify because it was created with entrepreneurs like you in mind and everything is licensed under Creative Commons:

While Gratisography allows you to use anything for both commercial and personal projects:

And Picography is similarly unrestricted:

One place you need to use fabulous images is Pinterest – if you’d like to learn how to amplify your marketing there, take a look at this:

While there are some good Guerilla Pinterest marketing tips here:

With the ever-expanding rise and reach of video, you will also need background music and that doesn’t come cheap…unless you know where to find it for nada…

DL Sounds have offered great tracks since 2009 and they can all be used for both commercial and personal use. They don’t even ask for attribution – now that’s generous!:

Sonic Squirrel offers everything under a Creative Commons licence:

As does Sound Shiva:

You can put all those images and music to good use with these 5 secrets of super successful video marketing:

While these 9 steps will help refine your video marketing strategy:

If you’d like some help with the technical aspects, this course will teach you all you need to know about creating and editing videos in Windows Movie Maker:

Your TED talk this week is on why we all need to practice emotional first aid…this is one of the most viewed talks ever:

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