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Welcome to this week’s Weekend Takeaways and this week I am all about expanding your horizons…

You see, I went into this year thinking ‘Bigger & Better’ (actually, I do that every year) and I am constantly challenging myself to do the stuff that scares me…because although it might be a cliché it is also one of the most effective ways I know of propelling you forward.

So I want to look beyond the familiar and comfortable.  And I’m starting off with this great interview which is all about what it’s really like to own a thriving online business (in this case a data analytics/reporting platform).

If you already have a thriving business then this will give you a fresh perspective and if you don’t read on for inspiration:

This next recommendation may be a few years old but it still holds true, particularly now as we see glimmers of light at the end of the recession and therefore even more opportunity.

I love Steve Pavlina’s writing for its down to earth approach and I think many of you will resonate with it for that reason. Read this especially for its tips on expanding your mindset and approach as much as anything else:

We all know about fear of failure – another often cited concept – and, again, one that holds true for many of us.  Here’s a helpful piece from Psychology Today to help you combat it:

OK, so theory is all very well but how about you challenge yourself by learning a new skill for free? One that can add to your income or even become a full-time income on its own?

Try these for size…

Apps, as I keep saying, are a huge opportunity and at this site you can create one for free and, if you love what you’ve created, you then pay a nominal fee to remove the site advertising:

Or how about creating a mobile site for yourself or for clients…again, for free…

This week’s Kindle freebie will help you achieve even more by getting your priorities straight and setting you off on the right foot in the morning – as a non-morning person, I’m taking this on board!

Finally, one profitable way of pushing yourself is to extend what you think you can reap from a launch or offer – this excellent, short video shows you how to make even more than you thought you could:


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