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Every week you see them – another rash of courses focusing on how you can get penny clicks and how organic (for that read unpaid) traffic is all  but dead…

But is it? Not according to Gary Vaynerchuk, hugely respected marketer and a man who calls it like it is. He firmly believes that social media marketing (of the unpaid kind) IS the way forward and here’s how:

You’re probably already thinking that social media marketing is all very well but it takes so much time and effort – not if you use these three tools:

And there are 20 more that you simply have to check out to ramp up your social media marketing in 2017 – most are yours for nada:

Social media marketing evolves all the time so you need to move with it to keep yours effective. Here’s how to do that this year according to the experts:

Social ecommerce is one trend that is highlighted as hot by all the experts – learn how to get started or boost yours here:

And an invaluable infographic here showing you exactly which platforms drive the most sales in which niches:

There are 16 no cost tools here that will help you with FB marketing:

With an excellent step by step guide to Pinterest marketing in 2017 here:

Want some gorgeous images for your social media posts? My current fave is Pexels:

Buffer’s Science of Social Media podcast is always superb and this episode in particular is highly recommended:

While this week’s TED talk may just get you to take up another hot trend in social media marketing and start livestreaming:

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