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I had an email the other day from one of my lovely subscribers who asked me if I found my recent (enforced!) WiFi detox beneficial…

The short answer is: Oh yes!

OK, so the downside was having to drive miles in search of a working signal but the upside of not having that umbilical cord to the internet 24/7 was that it took me back to my most creative place – my mind.

And what I came up with will benefit me and my business for months and years to come.

It’s all too easy to become befuddled by the overwhelm that is the internet and I hope this newsletter is a way of distilling down to the good stuff.

On that note, let’s kick off with an excellent podcast from Social Media Examiner on using your fan content to enhance your social media marketing.

In this interview with Jesse Desjardins of Tourism Australia you’ll learn how Jesse and his team have grown Facebook to 6M fans and Instagram to 800K fans to reach 3M to 6M people a day:

It’s been a while since I recommended free WP themes and this collection of 65 responsive new themes is stunning, especially as they are responsive so will work on all kinds of mobile devices:

Want free landing pages? You’re in luck – go here:

And if it’s an ecommerce theme you want so you can set up your own online store…here you go:

Pricing is a topic that perennially concerns us all – are you charging too much or too little for your products and services? And what can you do about it?

Here’s an excellent round-up of 13 articles you need to read on the subject:

Fads come and go in IM circles – Pinterest was hot about a year ago but the truth is that it’s more effective than ever, whether you’re selling products, services or simply promoting your brand.

Here’s a good primer if you still haven’t tried it out:

Your TED talk this week is from the author and radio host Julie Burstein who shares four lessons about how to create in the face of challenge, self-doubt and loss – enjoy!

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