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This week, as promised, I’m looking at free survey and poll solutions for you but first let’s talk about why these are important to your business.

Surveys and polls not only allow you to gather vital information so you can tailor your offer or products to meet your customers’ needs better, they also help you connect with them better by interacting in this way.

People love to be asked what they want, think or need, especially if, as your customer or potential customer, they feel this means you actually care about them…which, of course, you should!

If you are a coach or consultant, surveys are a superb shortcut to pinpointing your clients’ real issues as well as another service you can offer to set up for them.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s out there so you can find the best fit for you and your business…

We’ll start with Survey Monkey, the tool I used to create the PLR survey I mentioned before and a link for which is at the end of this newsletter.

Survey Monkey’s free offering is easy to use and they provide a good selection of templates for you. Once completed, you can embed your survey in your site, use Survey Monkey’s online option and send a link to your survey in an email.

This is a robust no cost solution – of course you get more options with the paid version but there’s enough here for most marketers to get started:

Another option is SurveyGizmo which offers some nice features but…and it’s a big but in my opinion…they make it really confusing to set up a free account.

I discovered that if you sign up for the ‘7 Day Free Trial’ (you don’t need to enter any credit card details) then, once you’ve done that, there’s a tiny little box at the bottom of this page where you can ‘downgrade to a free account’:

One thing I found enormously frustrating was the inability to send a poll or survey embedded within an email.

It’s far more likely that someone will complete your survey if it’s right there in front of them but the only free way I could find to do this was to use Google Forms.

The downside is that you have to then send your emails from a Gmail account (don’t forget to bcc your customer list if that’s what you’re doing) and your customers need to have a Gmail account for this to work seamlessly.

This is a good tutorial on how to set that up:

Polldaddy is another easy to use solution that offers a lot with its free version. My only slight gripe with it is that you need a account to sign up as they are now the same company.

That aside, this is another excellent option with lots of features for absolutely nada:

If you need some tips on creating great marketing surveys, here are some from Kissmetrics. Note in particular the section on creating after-purchase surveys – good advice for digital and physical sellers alike:

Your TED talk this week is about the power of stillness…a great antidote to our ever busier lives and the overwhelming information coming at you from all angles:


And here is my survey designed to help me provide you with the training to Make More Out of PLR. By filling it in you’ll be helping me to help you 🙂

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.