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It’s snowing here in London and the whole world has gone mad…

Airports have closed. People are posting endless pics of their snow-covered back gardens on social media. Grown-ups are throwing snowballs at one another…

I think it’s fair to say we don’t handle snow well!

But it does make it a day for cosying up on the couch which got me to thinking that you could do with some wonderful stuff to enlighten, entertain and educate you in the ways of IM without having to move from your favourite spot.

Although this stuff is not necessarily cosy – in fact, I have gone out of my way to bring you some great tips and tutorials from people you may not necessarily have heard of but who are out there, doing this every day in the world beyond the small circles you probably hear from all the time.

You see, I prefer to learn from people who may never have gone near those circles and who are doing really well, thank you. These are people who scorn theory for action. Sit back and learn a lot from them.

First up is Tim Conley – a maverick marketer who has made his mark working with some of the biggest entrepreneurs out there over two decades.

He has a brilliant podcast called Ask Me Anything which gives short, pithy answers to some of the most pressing questions people send him…people like you.

I particularly like this one on when to lower your price:

And this on the truth about passive income the gurus don’t want you to know:

There are lots of brilliant episodes and I am sure you can spend many happy hours digging through them. If you’d like to send Tim your own question, you can do so like this:

Another guy I rate highly is Jon Nastor who has helped many entrepreneurs get started and keep going, not least with his podcast Hack The Entrepreneur.

You may especially like these episodes:

From Blogging to International Consulting with Heather Armstrong:

Finding Your First Customers with Michael Palmer:

As well as his tutorial on how to create an awesome sales page in 7 easy steps:

I have mentioned the guys at Copyblogger many times before and that’s because they are masters at what they do.

On their podcast, you can learn how to recognise a great idea for content:

And get three almost magical headline ingredients for more traffic, engagement and sales:

While their no cost membership remains one of the best bargains out there as well as one of the best collections of trainings:

Finally, there is Marketing Over Coffee run by John Wall and Chris Penn who hang out in a coffee shop once a week to record one of the best podcasts out there in a friendly, casual style.

There is nothing casual, however, about the quality of the information they offer and I particularly love this latest episode on branding yourself:

As well as their classic interview with Simon Sinek, later of TED fame:

Speaking of TED, your talk this week is this brand new one on what makes something go viral: