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This week I’m writing your Weekend Takeaways from the great British seaside where it is seasonally chilly and everyone wears rain jackets to the beach but we carry on regardless…

As it’s the Fourth of July tomorrow (and a very happy one if you’re celebrating!), I thought I’d share some resources with you this week that may give you that final push you need to become truly job-independent or to reinforce that if you’re already there.

Let’s kick off with an entrepreneur I rate highly not just for his knowledge but his integrity.

This inspiring podcast from Lewis Howes shares his advice on getting your big dream going and finally making it happen:

Someone who’s definitely out there making it happen is Michael Hyatt and his classic show on Setting Up Camp In The Discomfort Zone is the perfect companion to my previous suggestion:

One surefire way to financial independence is having the ability to sell your stuff. Amy Harrison is a great copywriter and her cheatsheet will show you the elements you need to include on your sales page to make sure it converts those browsers into buyers:

And in case that’s not enough for you, here’s a superb 87 point checklist for your next sales page to make sure those conversion rates shoot up and with it your income:

Ebooks not converting either? This is one area you simply have to get right. Bring out a successful ebook and you can use it to propel yourself to an authoritative position within your market, get your name out there and fatten your wallet…

All at the same time!

If you need help making your output more stellar – and who doesn’t – check out this excellent ebook from Jonathan Kranz:

Of course, all your content needs to be stellar if you’re to get ahead and stay there but who has the time, not to mention the resources?

Well, here’s a collection of 28 resources that will not only save you time, they will help you create better content…which means you become a better marketer…and therefore several leaps closer to true independence!

Your TED talk this week is all about looking past your limits to claim your independence: