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There’s something happening on 15th February that you need to know about.

And because this is so important I have decided to post a series of short tips on what to do about it.

So what is this big event?

Well, it involves the Big G…yes, Google is at it again and this time their changes will affect almost everyone who has a website and is trying to build a list or make some moolah….

Which means just about all of us.

Why are they doing this? Why do they do anything? The simple answer is that Google has joined the Better Ads Coalition which means they are committed to that optimal user experience they love to talk about…

And that means a big NO to pop-ups, what they see as full page ads (think about your sales pages), flashing ads and autoplaying videos…

Which are all things we marketers use on our sites.

How are Google going to say ‘no’? Simple – they are going to censor your pages and sites via Google Chrome which just happens to be the world’s most popular browser.

Now, you may not use Chrome but millions of people do, including me.

And that means that millions of people will simply not be able to see your sites and pages so no subscribers and no sales.

It’s that bad.

So what can you do about this?

Well. Google are going to notify you if they intend to block your pages via Chrome and then give you 30 days to become compliant.

How on earth do you do that?

I’ll be giving you some ideas in my next email but, if you want to get all the insider info now and secure your sites, click on the link below – it may just save you from the Big G:

Click Here To Find Out More