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Thanks for choosing to promote Cash For Questions! It’s great to have you on board.  Your list is going to love Cash For Questions and I’m sure it’s going to convert insanely well.


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Below is an email swipe which you can send out to your list – I’ve provided a choice of subject lines but feel free to adapt and mix it up as the more you personalize this the better your list will love you for it.  I’ll be adding more email swipes and other material so please feel free to check back again soon:

Subject lines:

Bigger Than Twitter

The secret is out…

Get cash for questions – really?

They didn’t want you to know about this…


Email body:

Hi {name},

I bet you’ve tried it all ways with social media…

Posting endless content…trying to connect with all those zillions of people out there…

Doing your best to be heard above the endless noise!

And that’s the problem really – the amount of chatter drowning out anything and everything you’re trying to say.  Getting in the way of you making those vital connections and sales.  Killing your business because, well, there are simply too many other people trying to do the same.

Just imagine what it would have been like to be one of the first on Facebook or Twitter.  You’d have cleaned up, wouldn’t you? Back in the good old days people would have listened.  They’d have been open to your messages because they hadn’t yet learned to ignore anything that even hinted at marketing.

But what if I told you there was a site out there that is tipped to be bigger than Twitter? A place that some very lucky underground marketers have been keeping all to themselves?

Why? Because this is the new goldmine and they’ve been quietly cleaning up by simply asking and answering questions.  This place packs all the punch of Yahoo Answers combined with Wikipedia.  Better still, it’s all set to EXPLODE!

This is your chance to get in there before it does and grab a real slice of this profit-sucking pie.  But be quick or you’ll miss out on the next gold rush…just like you did with Twitter and Facebook.

Check it out here – but keep this one to yourself:

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