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It’s raining here in London so I’m brightening your day and mine with some fabulous finds this week – a digital smorgasbord of no cost delights.

There should be something here for everyone so let’s start with this excellent course to add to your skillset as well as your earning ability:

Over at InkyDeals there are some more great course giveaways, including this one on Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe beyond your budget? Not to worry – here’s a great open source alternative I found:

This one on full stack development (heavily in demand):

This huge designer training bundle:

And some great product mockup templates for your site and sales pages:

Or how about this superb video marketing course? Far more comprehensive than many paid versions I have seen and yours for the taking here in exchange for your email:

Still not enough for you when it comes to courses? OK, how about 32 more courses that you can find here on all aspects of marketing:

I try to highlight all the best tools available for nada but in case I missed any, or you want a great selection in one place, take a look at the 45 available here:

Finally, to learn all about how you can use the power of giveaways in your own marketing, go here:


For your TED talk this week I chose one that offers wisdom on so many things, including something I know is important to many of you and that is writing:

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