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I’m just back from a few days away combining business with pleasure…

Yes, I know some people say you should never do that but it works for me!

For some of the time I was advising on a total rebranding involving an overhaul of their social media marketing among the many other factors that go into breathing new life into an existing online presence.

Another factor was SEO and I showed them where this could be tweaked for better results.

If you’d like to do the same for your sites – or, indeed, your clients – I can recommend a couple of excellent freebie tools to get a snapshot of what needs to be done, the first being Hubspot’s website grader.

This is not only fun and funky, it gives you clear idea of your site’s strengths and weaknesses in exchange for your email. Try it here:

Then there is Found’s SEO tool which shows you which common errors you may be making:

And Varvy’s SEO tool to show you how well – or not – your site follows Google’s best practices so you rank higher:

If you’d like to refresh or rebrand your company or online business or even just change your logo or look of your site, it’s wise to ask yourself a few pertinent questions first.

Here are ten you really need to put to yourself to clarify what you are doing and why – not all will apply to you but use those that do:

Rebranding inevitably involves updating your social media profiles and managing that well is a crucial part of the process.

Here is an excellent guide and checklist to help you through that:

Rebranding is all very well but what if you don’t even have a brand or are wondering why you should have one?

Well, for one thing, branding yourself effectively means more customers which should be a good enough reason for anyone!

Here are 8 tips to help you do just that:

Having an effective brand means living it, especially if your business is essentially you.

Your TED talk this week gives you some powerful ways to do that or simply to get more people to listen to you:

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