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The traditional British summer has returned in full flood. Yesterday I visited one of the most haunted houses in the country (apparently) where there were buckets everywhere to catch the drips, never mind the spooks.

The gardens are as beautiful as the house and there were wonderful signs everywhere telling us about the plants and their medicinal purposes. These signs were based on the diaries and notes kept by famous herbalists and the lady of the house, a remarkable woman.

You could call her diaries one of the earliest forms of blogging and I have no doubt she’d be an Instagram star today but it was those signs that really intrigued me because they were so informative and engaging…

Which is exactly what I teach you when it comes to creating great content! Did you know, for instance, that:

  “Written articles, especially “how to” posts, as well as case studies, are the kinds of content that lend blogs the most credibility. “

Yes, people still rely on the written word when it comes to trust and credibility which is why blogs, more than ever, are vital to marketers of all kinds.

With that in mind, here are some great resources to help you create a blog worthy of attention and, more importantly, one that will draw in tons of prospects and customers for you.

First up is this excellent tutorial on creating the perfect blog post complete with a printable template to help you do just that:

Your ‘About Me’ page is one of the most important pages on your blog, if not the most important, so here is how to make it truly epic:

Of course, you want to look like a pro blogger rather than a newbie amateur, right?

That way people like and trust you a whole lot more. Which means they buy from you a whole lot more.

Here’s how to come across as that total pro even if you’ve only started blogging the week before:

It’s also good to learn from other pros, especially those who earn more than 10k a month from their blogs. Here are some invaluable tips from that elite bunch on a handy infographic you can download and keep here:

To help you blog successfully and without wasting time, you need tools – here are 22 of the best no cost tools out there:

And here are 100 more than mostly will not cost you a bean (there is some inevitable crossover with the first list):

Blogging is one of the most valuable content creation activities you can add to your business but, even if you don’t blog, here are some content creation practices you can use to kickstart your day which will have a big impact on your entire life:

Your TED talk this week just had to be Elizabeth Gilbert on your elusive creative genius…use it to inspire you to get blogging!

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