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This coming week it’s my birthday and so I have put together an unabashed selection of go get ‘em freebies…after all, why not share the joy that is coming my way?

As well as this bumper bunch of links to marketing tools, ebooks and other helpful goodies, I’ll be posting up other treats during the week for you so keep an eye on your inbox for the relevant alerts.

And now, without further ado, let’s get on with the good stuff…

Some of the following may ask you to subscribe to get your goodies but rest assured I have tested them all and found it well worth it in those cases where they do ask for your details.

First up, here’s a fabulous updated selection from Marketing Sherpa including free reports, guides and excerpts from their handbooks: 

Then there’s this free marketing toolkit including a useful marketing campaign planner and their top 10 tips for creating landing pages that work: 

Some clever freebies here including a Mailing Significance Calculator that will tell you how a particular email you send out performs against your other mailings and a handy tool to tell you how readable your copy is and therefore how effective it will be: 

No need to sign up here to download three useful worksheets that will help steer you and your business in the right direction: 

And there is a great free ebook here in the form of 101 Great Tips for Building Relationships courtesy of Chunk of Change – this is actually a paid Kindle product so doubly fabulous!

Need a free theme for an online store? Check out these beauties: 

Finally, for this week’s video treat here is a great show on how to give away free stuff without hurting sales:

As for me…apart from the above, my best present is the two little kitties we’re adopting this week from the RSPCA to fill the gap left by our last cat who was also a birthday present from me to me/us.

I’ll post a pic on the blog for those of you who are into fluffy creatures and, for those who aren’t, feel free to look away!  Apart from that, have a wonderful week and keep that eye out for your other birthday treats.

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