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I am back from a blissful couple of days in the depths of the countryside where we ate, talked, watched cheesy movies, went for walks and ate some more…

In other words, a typical Christmas!

One thing I deeply appreciated was the silence after the constant hubbub of London. It made it so much easier to focus on just one thing at a time.

If you can, I heartily recommend putting on some headphones and applying that same kind of focus to my suggestions for you today.

If it’s a podcast, you’ll take in so much more and if it’s something to read then some appropriate music or even white noise will shut out distractions so, again, you really benefit from the wisdom therein.

And my first suggestion is a podcast – one that I think you will find especially useful as we close the door on the old year and head into the new. This comes courtesy of the irrepressible Tim Ferris and is all about Becoming The Best Version of You:

Someone else I find inspirational is, as you may know, Michael Hyatt and I love his advice on the two most powerful words for reaching your goals in 2017:

Over at Fire Nation there is so much brilliance it’s hard to choose a particular podcast as they are all stand-out but I especially love this one on ‘How to innovate and launch ideas that stand out in a crowded marketplace…’

And this on how to become a niche marketing powerhouse:

Over at Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn has his usual excellent round-up of the best posts from 2016 which are simply packed with great information…

You can learn how Nathan Chan got 10 thousand Instagram subscribers a month in just one year…

How deleting a third of your content can triple your traffic…

An unknown way to boost sales and increase the size of your list…

And tons more.

Find it all here:

While over at Hubspot you can grab their social media content calendar and get uber organised for the coming year:

While your TED talk this week will have you thinking well beyond the chimes of the New Year:


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