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An especially big welcome if you’re joining us from The Inbox Files launch – it’s lovely to have you here!

With that in mind, I’m focusing this week on email marketing as it is one area of marketing we all need to not only master but stay on top of as it evolves…

And evolve it does which is why I created The Inbox Files and constantly stay up to date with best practices and what’s really working when it comes to email.

It’s email marketing expert Ben Settle’s birthday today so let’s start with some goodies from him…

First up is his excellent riposte to those ‘death of email’ rumors and emails that regularly drop into your inbox:

Then there’s this from his equally excellent Antipreneur podcast on How to Turn Garbage into Profitable Emails – this comes with the warning that, if you are of a delicate disposition, Ben may not be the man for you:

Andre Chaperon is another of my email marketing heroes…the only problem is that he rarely blogs. But he did give this interview which contains tons of invaluable tips and then posted it on his site…

Read and deploy!

Seth Godin is, in turn, one of Andre’s heroes and this is a great guide to his permission based email marketing approach:

Think you don’t need to bother with email marketing because you’re an ecommerce store owner?

Think again.

Then take a look at this guide to what you should be doing to build effective email marketing campaigns:

Find it hard to dream up new ideas for your email marketing campaigns?

Here are 50…

Want to improve your email campaigns?

Here are 15 ways to do that:

Back to Seth Godin for your TED talk this week…it’s a class and well worth another viewing if you’ve seen it before:

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