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This is your last missive from Bulgaria as I have to head back to London to start on some exciting new projects there.

In the enterprising spirit of this beautiful country, I’m going to share with you here some brand new stuff that will help you and your business as well as my pick of this week’s freebies on the net.

I mentioned in the last newsletter how social media is one of the easisest ways technically and otherwise to start building an online audience in a new niche or if you are new to IM.

Something you should be making full use of as a marketer are Facebook’s Audience Insights. These were designed as a targeting tool for Facebook ad users but, as Social Media Examiner puts it, they are ‘social media marketer’s dream come true.’

Learn all about how Audience Insights can benefit you here:

Staying on top of trends is, as I am sure you know, vital for online success. Another of my fave sites, Mashable, has pinpointed 15 consumer trends that will change the way you do business in the next 5 years.

Keep an open mind as you read these –they will affect businesses big and small:

Want to increase your average order if you run an ecommerce store? Of course you do and here are some proven ways to do that which may or may not be new to you but which all work:

On the subject of growth and expansion, here’s an excellent episode from the I Love Marketing podcasts on how to grow your subscribers, increase revenue and build a successful business…what’s not to love?:

While in the first epsiode of his new podcast series, Michael Hyatt teaches you what to do when you feel overwhelmed and therefore paralyzed:

I’ve talked a lot about the power of video this week thanks to the release of the superb vooPlayer 3.0 and to help with that Hubspot have handily produced this new guide to creating effective videos for social media – you need to fill out their form to get it but it’s well worth it and I have never had an issue with Hubspot:

They also have a great guide to creating beautiful infographics which Pinners especially may appreciate:

I’d like to leave you this week with a TED talk that celebrates the wonder of small things we may take for granted. To me, that sums up an amazing country where I have the privilege to spend time whenever I can and where people may not always have much but they truly appreciate the real priorities in life:

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