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It’s wonderful to hear that so many of you are enjoying the lessons I’ve put up this week on the blog.  There’s more to come on the fastest, best ways to rake in that moolah from email marketing… 

If you’re still sitting on the fence on that one (whether you’re an onliner or offline consultant) then I’ll be sharing with you some statistics that will startle you as well as your clients. 

Email is, as I said in the video, bigger and better than ever – provided you do it right. 

And what’s the most important thing you have to get right? 

Nope – not your subject lines or your content or even your call to action… 

Because none of those matter if your emails are not getting through. 

Think about it: how do I communicate with you all the time?  How do I send out Weekend Takeaways? 

Yep…through my autoresponder (anyone muttering ‘carrier pigeon’ go the back of the class) 

You’ve probably noticed I used Aweber – and there are pros and cons to that – but there are more and more options out there including free ones.  The problem with so many options is – you’ve guessed it – overwhelm. 

But never fear because I have found for you this week another great training from Garry Sayer and Thom Lancaster on finding and using the right autoresponder. 

And I’m letting you know seconds after this was launched so you can sneak in and grab a gobsmacking deal if you’re quick (see below for details). 

Each time I’ve suggested a course by these two brilliant marketers I’ve had excellent feedback from you and this one is just as clear, value-packed and IMHO an absolute essential… 

Plus, in true Garry/Thom fashion they’ve priced it far lower than that proverbial cup of coffee because this one is starting out at a ludicrous 3 bucks…and rising… 

So if you do want to grab that unbelievable deal go here as quick as you can: