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I spent my birthday shooting arrows through the pouring rain, taking part in our archery club championships and from this I learned several lessons I can share with you:

  1. Take each shot as it comes and forget about the last one, especially if it didn’t hit the target the way you wanted. Simply move on to the next. This applies equally to archery, life and your business.
  2. Do it for you. Don’t try to compete against or impress anyone but yourself.
  3. Give it your best shot and that’s all you can do. But try and avoid doing so during the worst rainstorm for months.

Those nuggets of wisdom imparted, let’s move on to your Weekend Takeaways.

I wrote recently about the absolutely crucial part of the IM puzzle that is conversion and yes, I am still working on a new course for you which will help…

In the meantime, this will help boost your email conversion rates:

And an excellent tutorial on how to optimize your landing pages to boost your social media conversions:

Talking of social media, someone who understands and utilizes its power better than most is the ever controversial Gary Vaynerchuk.

Here he is in an excellent podcast on why you need to play it as a long game and the importance of grabbing attention:

Which leads us neatly on to podcasts and how they are once more at the forefront of many marketers’ minds and campaigns as an excellent traffic driver, authority builder and conversion tool.

If you’d like to try launching your own – and good for you – then here is a step by step guide on how to do just that:

And wouldn’t you know it…there are a bunch of great podcasts out there on various ways to boost those all-important conversions, including the excellent ConversionCast from Leadpages.

Start with the latest episode on how Keith Perhac increased revenue by 200%:

The ConversionCast podcast is now part of the excellent Leadpages library full of resources that will cost you absolutely nada…like these two excellent marketing ebooks you can download in exchange for your email:

Your TED talk this week is the inspiring and hilarious Tim Urban on why you may have less time than you think to do what you really want – I thought it particularly apt in my birthday week:


And yes…there is a final birthday gift for you here:

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