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We spent a wonderful evening last night having dinner with friends, one of whom happens to work in a senior role for Google.

In the course of conversation he revealed that they make an eye-watering amount of money from the apps sold in the Google Play store – coincidentally, I had been exploring ways to create a new game app that very morning so I thought I would share with you what I found out there that’s free…

App creation is a form of product creation that works for so many of you that it’s certainly something you should think about.

Besides selling your apps you can create them for clients, use them to promote your books, products and services and to create a platform for yourself or your business.

And it’s not hard to do these days with online app creators doing all the donkey work for you…

First up, here’s a typically excellent round-up by Mashable of the platforms out there, including some good free ones:

If you’d like to learn how to create an app from scratch and make it beautiful to boot, here’s a free course on how to do that for iOS from Udemy:

Getting noticed in the app store is crucial so another free Udemy course on customizing your design so it stands out may also be of interest:

And if it’s Android apps you’d like to create, check this out:

Of course, apps are just one kind of product you can create…but how do you know your products are what your customers want? What if they were actually harming your business and reputation rather than enhancing it?

Obviously, you’d want to know and now there’s a way to find out in this enlightening piece from Mind Valley Insights complete with link to a free spreadsheet you can use to work out your NPS or Net Promoter Score (yep, it’s a new one on me too):

Feeling a little exhausted just at the thought of doing any of the above? Could be a little motivational kick will sort you out. I’ve shared some things with you from Steve Scott’s site before and I love his list of 15 ways you can motivate yourself to do work:

I also like the 7 rules of motivation I found at the marvellously eccentric site run by Robert Webb:

If you go to the homepage there are all kinds of links to downloadable motivational books as well as tools and articles:

Finally, for your TED talk this week here is a brilliant (and interestingly titled) talk from the well-known coach Mel Robbins on how to get unstuck: