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As I’m writing this, a good chunk of the nation is glued to their TV sets watching Andy Murray carry the expectations of Brits starved of a tennis hero for too long.  I can only hope for his sake he wins Wimbledon…if nothing else, his mum looks awfully scary!

On the subject of winning, I had a personal victory of my own this week which I’d like to share with you as it’s the reason I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to devote to my work in the past couple of weeks. This is a family matter so I’m not going to go into too much detail but suffice to say that a two year court battle has finally resulted in my gaining peace of mind and safety for my daughter and myself.

I think you’ll understand why, therefore, I lost my voice (probably stress) and have been flattened ever since (dissipating stress) but I’m in onward and upward mode so, yes, I am still creating for you all and I’ll let you know as soon as everything is ready.

Having learned a lot about conserving my time and energy over this period, I want to share with you some new time-saving tools, tricks and tips that will not only help you achieve more in a shorter period but do so far more easily.

Curation is a buzz word at the moment but it’s all about time-saving and here’s a superb collection of ‘the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web’ curated in one handy site. Most are free and there’s everything here from a brilliant icon finder to a QR code generator and customizer and much more:

Next up is a useful compilation of Google Chrome extensions to help you discover and access content:

Now here’s a great tool that I think will quickly become indispensable – add it to your Gmail account and really put your inbox to work. This can tell you who has opened your emails, clicked on links etc. Not a substitute for an autoresponder but an excellent complement.

Read all about it here:

Or go directly to:

And try out the free plan!

Upset by the demise of Google Reader? Don’t be – just head back to Mashable to check out these alternatives:

Your Kindle freebie suggestion this week is focused more on making time to write that ebook, start that new business or blog and prioritise effectively – which, in the end, will save you time:

As far as de-stressing goes, I’ve been playing with Pulsate this week. It’s another Chrome extension that lets you create mesmerising musical circles…sounds weird, I know, but it works.  Find it and some more relaxing extensions here:

Of course, our TED talk this week had to be on the subject of timesaving. Here are Ten Top Time-Saving Tech Tips to help you out in all kinds of situations:


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