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This week I’ve been applying my focus in different ways, putting more effort into areas of marketing I usually just keep on the back burner and consciously trying to come at things from a new angle.

Some of that is still in progress – and you’ll see the results soon – while other things I’ve tried are already working. In the spirit of adding fresh oomph to you and your business, I’ve put together a few of the resources that inspired and/or helped me this week.

I know many people hear the name ‘Frank Kern’ and immediately have a strong reaction one way or another but there is no escaping not only his success but also his successful metamorphosis into respected (and highly paid) consultant.

Here’s what he told the Huffington Post about his journey from selling an ebook on ‘How To Train Your Parrot’ to where he is now:

I think the one of the most telling sentences in that piece is this:

“One thing, however, that makes Frank Kern stand head and shoulders above the rest of us is that he took the time to notice when someone else was being successful – and he learned from them.”

Another controversial but highly successful figure you can learn from is Ben Settle, in-your-face copywriter par excellence. Ben isn’t for everyone and especially not those of a nervous disposition but what he has to say is always invaluable and this episode from his Ben Settle Show is especially useful:

Heard of Adaptive Content? Probably not. But it’s one of the things I’ve been working on this week and it’s something you should be exploring too:

And if you have trouble structuring that content, Copyblogger’s infographic  something you can download from their site , print out and pin to your wall:

Advertising on social media may instantly bring to mind Facebook ads but there are many other options, as I’ve been exploring. This freebie from Hubspot will help you with the fundamentals (opt-in required but, as I always say, never had a problem with ‘em):

When it comes to social media, a checklist is essential – otherwise you can get swamped with all the options out there.

I’ve been working to this one which you can download for nada here:

As a change from your Ted talk this week, here’s the inspiring Brendon Burchard on how successful people think:

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