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Some weeks I have a theme for my newsletter and some weeks I just decide to give you a smorgasbord of fabulous freebies you can download/access to use in your business…

This is one of those weeks so without further ado let’s get to the good stuff.

First up is an excellent round-up of 40 graphic and design freebies you can snaffle to spice up your sites, products, life – you name it. You don’t have to be a designer to use these so go grab ‘em and get creating:

Want even more like this? Here are thousands of them, including photos, vectors, fonts, graphics and more:

Over a Mashable there’s a great selection of the latest unmissable apps to download, including a WiFiMapper which maps no cost WiFi hotspots all over the world, an encrypted messaging app and a very useful VOiP app from Yallo – all but one of their suggestions are free:

Need some sound effects or loops for your video projects?

Here’s a good selection:

They come with different licenses so please read the guidelines here:

If it’s music you need, I came across a constantly updated selection here – note that commercial use requires an attribution which is pretty standard:

And for video backgrounds (very popular) then Ignite Motion allows you to use their great HD selection for personal or commercial use for absolutely nada:

Finally, if it’s software you need, have a look at Techradar’s suggestions:

I’ve just started reading Brene Brown’s wonderful book, Daring Geatly, and so this week I’m recommending not one but two TED videos – her powerful talks on vulnerability and confronting shame, both of which have amassed millions of views and changed many lives for the better.

I recommended the first some time ago but she is always worth revisiting if you’ve seen these before:


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