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I don’t know if you had any trick or treaters in your house or at the door last night but in case you missed out, here’s your very own lucky bag of freebies to help you and your business this week.

Over at Michael Hyatt’s site I found this excellent podcast on finding the treasures in the trials in your life.

In this episode you will discover:

• How one major trial not only hit Michael at the worst possible time—but how it also helped pave the way for this blog and current business.
• Three questions you shouldn’t ask yourself when you face trials. These are toxic.
• Four gifts hiding in the challenges we face.
• One fundamental life skill that we usually only learn in the midst of adversity.

Really useful stuff for us all:

Copywriting is a fundamental that any serious marketer needs to acquire but I know that it’s also one that seems especially daunting for many.

This comprehensive (30,000) words guide from Quicksprout will help enormously and you can get it for absolutely nada here:

Danny Inny is one brilliant marketer I admire and you’ll get a lot out of his 6+1 copywriting model as laid out for you here:

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s always worth reminding you of what is probably ‘the most valuable site on the internet.’ Read and learn:

Want to improve your blog content? You should because it’s one of the cornerstones to a successful online presence.

Get some of the best advice around here:

Need some tools to SEO and optimise your site? Here are some that you can use without spending a dime:

I love Jon Loomer’s site for his clear expertise and insightful articles on all things Facebook. Here’s his invaluable guide to Facebook ad dimensions and image specs – you’ll wonder what you did without it:

While over at Adspresso they’ve produced this fun and fabulous guide to advertising on Facebook if you haven’t yet tried it (and even if you have, this is a good read):

Finally, a new source of freebie stock photos I found this week:

Your TED talk this week will teach you some clever time-saving tech tips so you can spend more time doing the things you love:

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