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It’s a holiday weekend in the US, what feels like national BBQ weekend here in the UK as we bask in unaccustomed heat and hopefully a whole lot of fun where you are…

So without further ado let’s plunge into a Weekend Takeaways full of fabulous freebies to help you and your business.

First up is a new keyword tool I came across that is a great alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest plus it is extremely accurate.

Essentially, it helps you find what people are typing in the Google search box which means you get hundreds of invaluable longtail keywords and phrases. It also works in any language which is a huge plus.

Check out Keywordtool here:

Stuck for tweets or just want to save time finding suitable stuff? The Save Publishing bookmarklet won’t cost you a dime and will help you find tons of tweets in a snap by highlighting them right there on your screen:

Still in need of Twitter inspiration? is an automatically generated list of the latest and greatest links shared on Twitter which means you can grab them and share too:

There are a number of tools that help you analyse how well your Facebook page is performing but this one helps you analyse your personal account activity and its effectiveness – useful if, like many marketers, you mix the two:

And if you want to know how your page is doing, check out the Facebook Barometer:

Want some more no cost tools that will boost your marketing efforts? Michael Keating has created some really useful ones including an Infographic Embed Code Generator:

A Social Media Profile Scraper (of the permissable sort) so you can find all the social media profiles connected with a site which is excellent for lead and buzz generation:

An Email Address Scraper so you can quickly find the real contact email address associated with a particular site – again, invaluable for making connections and generating leads:

Finally, there is an excellent selection of white papers and webinars all available for nada (apart from your details) over at Digital Marketing Depot.

These range from the Why Don’t My Leads Convert webinar through to guides to retargeting on Facebook. Mobile Advertising & Email and much more.
Grab ‘em here:

Your TED talk is appropriate for such a happy weekend – here is Matt Killingsworth on how staying in the moment makes you happier:

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