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Many people buy PLR and then wonder what on earth to do with it. In fact, it’s one of the best kept secrets of the IM industry and, if you use it well, it will not only save you time and money but make you bundles of cash as well.

Here are some suggestions but remember – you are only limited by your imagination!

Break PLR up into blog posts. You can break long pieces of content into smaller chunks and publish them on your blog, creating a series of posts on a single topic to draw readers to your site.

PLR is also perfect when you’re going off on vacation or taking time out. Pre-load PLR-based blog posts so no one will even notice you’re gone.

Extract information from those same posts to use as Twitter tips and pre-load using a free app such as Buffer.

You can also use those tips as follow up tips to your customers when they subscribe or purchase a report or ebook from you.

Newsletters/ezines. Use articles as-is (rewriting for your niche), or take sections of longer articles for your newsletter or ezine. Break them into regular, recurring columns, or use the topics for inspiration, add your own content, and call it good!

Ecourses. Special report PLR is perfect for ecourses, as it’s typically a longer piece of content already broken into sections. Make each section its own day, and deliver it via autoresponder for hands-off list (and revenue!) building.

Combine PLR articles or eBooks into one, longer eBook or course that you then sell.

Use PLR for you social media posts – post excerpts on Facebook that point back to the longer post on your blog.

Membership sites. Who wants to join a membership site that looks like a ghost town? Get a head-start on your membership site by pre-populating the site with plenty of high-quality PLR content. Even when you first open the doors, you’ll have tons of great info available for your new members.

Videos and audios. A great way to stand out from the crowd and to literally put PLR in your own voice is by recording the info on audio or video. You can then use these media files as ways to drive traffic to your site, or as fee-based courses.

You can also bundle your recordings with your written PLR material (don’t forget to personalise and rewrite it) to create a high ticket product you can sell for much more.

Special reports. Combine several PLR articles into one document, save it as a PDF, and giveaway or sell the resulting report. You can use it as an ethical bribe for subscribers to your email list, or as a small report for generating income.

Podcast content. One of the hardest things with any content-driven service is the unrelenting need to generate more – more ideas, more value, more inspiration. Fight “podfade” by using PLR for your podcast.

Just take a little bit from an article for a “tip of the week,” or record an entire series based on a PLR special report or group of articles.

Content from PLR products can be used in market research or used as a brainstorming tool. This means you need never run out of inspiration!

Use PLR software to generate traffic – Rebrand your PLR software and submit it to free software directories to generate more traffic to your website. The more downloads you receive, the more visitors you will get for your business.

Translate your PLR into other languages – very few people do this and yet it can add a lot to your profits if you sell the results as well as positioning you in new markets.

Sales pages. Some PLR content comes complete with pre-created sales pages, so if writing sales copy isn’t your strong point, “borrow” the sales page for your own. (One well-known internet marketer I know sometimes buys PLR just for the sales pages. She dumps the content and just uses the sales copy!)

Turn your digital PLR into physical products such as books, CDs and DVDs – people place a lot more value on physical products so you can correspondingly charge a lot more for them.

Use PLR content on websites you then flip. Build content-rich websites based on a particular niche using PLR content and sell them for a much higher price than you paid for the PLR content.

Bonuses. Want to ramp up the products you already sell, quickly and easily? Use PLR as a bonus with purchase to make your offer into a “too-good-to-miss” extravaganza. (Hint: for added punch, record some as video/audio, and give away a report and an ecourse, too. That way you hit all learning styles!).

And remember to only ever use high quality PLR – for my latest, PLR release go here:


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